Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Orioles Hockey Club

Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Orioles Hockey Club <font face="Terminal" size="+4" color="Maroon">FFFFFF</font>

The Orioles 2013 2013 NHL Regular Season Pool is up and running. 1st place will receive $240. and second $50.

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Link to thehockeypool.com

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From the Orioles Nest...Season in review 2012 2013

Martin Luther King’s impassioned “I have a dream …” speech had nothing on Dwight’s recent plea to increase the price of Orioles beer from $2.50 to $3.00. A number of players had tears in their eyes when he was finished, especially those who just showed up with a ‘fin.’

Who will be the first Oriole in IKEA?

Retired captain Mr. Kelman has a message for those who leave early to get stitched up or rest their back spasms. He says, “It’s a long way from the heart, gents, so cowboy up (unless, of course, you are experiencing a heart attack … because that’s actually at the heart)!”

In all this lockout talk, not once has anyone mentioned the loss of revenue for the O’s hockey pool!

Did you know Lindz is one-quarter of the way to a 3-game suspension for penalty minutes?

Goalie Mike says he goes as his Cowboys go – oh-oh!

2012 has been a tough year for Oriole ‘Owwies’ – Jay’s eye, T’s groin/ abdomen, Coach Jimmie’s other foot, Bubba’s 13 knits, Tim’s mouth, Spinner’s back, Lindz’s toe, etc., etc. There’s a new team rule: STAY HEALTHY! Maybe we should have whiskey or brandy in one of the water bottles – for medicinal purposes.

Gil’s still colour blind – guard your towels!

The Surgenor Sisters are keeping their penalty-per-game streak alive, although Jay was ripped off receiving two minutes for one of the best backchecks we’ve ever seen! (However, that bodes the question: what the hell is our defenseman doing ‘backchecking’?)

Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood?

Juice and Lindz have been working with their airplanes so much lately, the beer fund is calling them ‘Coke & Coffee.’

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These guys have nicer sticks than Kelman

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